Do you know that, there is an elite squad of Nigerian soldiers, similar to the Navy Seal of the United States? They are a team of 12 men. They have carried out classified missions that no one really talks about, in cooperation with the SSS and CID. Most of their assignments are unknown, but the results are almost perfect.

Rumors have it that, they orchestrated Abacha’s death and many rescue operations. The files containing the details of their operations are hidden somewhere in Ogun state. This special unit are changed every 7 years and members, sent out to different countries for the rest of their lives, alongside their immediate nuclear families to keep their secret safe. Well, until now.  Due to the recent economic changes, the Nigerian government hasn’t lived up to it’s promise to take care of these men and they are speaking out, In a recent……….

Everything you read above is a lie (don’t freak out, stay with me), but somewhere at the back or maybe front of your head, it feels good (up until the economic side of the story).

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