Victor O'Frank



It may not sound like the typical rags to riches story but it’s one that will definitely get you get you working. This is not my story but I personally saw it unfold. Naison has been my buddy for about two years now. We worked together while we were in Lugansk. I taught him the bit of photography that he knows and up until the time that the Donetsk war broke out, he tried his best to keep up with the tutorials. The Man as I know him is...

The Nigerian Elite Squad-No One Told You About.

Do you know that, there is an elite squad of Nigerian soldiers, similar to the Navy Seal of the United States? They are a team of 12 men. They have carried out classified missions that no one really talks about, in cooperation with the SSS and CID. Most of their assignments are unknown, but the results are almost perfect. Rumors have it that, they orchestrated Abacha’s death and many rescue operations. The files containing the details of their...

The Alchemy

It was an early morning in summer 2014 - I had just moved to Kyiv with my best friend and we were having one of those lazy mornings , the kind that makes you wish for a breakfast in bed, except that in this case , I was engrossed with the thought of my trip to NY. The week before that , I had received my visa to the states on a film course at New York film academy and after I read their programme schedule, I figured I'll be making a short film at the...

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